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Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Opus Design Group, Inc. is a marketing-based advertising agency with a commitment to creative excellence. We ask a lot of questions. We listen to what you want and give you what you need. We won't try to force you into marketing media or approaches you're uncomfortable with.

We function as your right arm…we're a part of your business.

It all starts with a need. In order to fill the need, we must first accept the problem, message or task, then specify the results
we require. Then comes the plan.

We have composed a plan. We have identified the market. We must now find the words to carry your message effectively. Yet eloquence is required here. How do we make your customer step across the boundaries that separate you and accept the product you offer…without blowing the budget. Ah. Now that's Creativity!

We have all the bells and whistles. But a Stradivarius is just a fiddle in the hands of an amateur. No amateurs here. Creative images. Efficient digital production. Individualized photographic supervision. The very best production partners. Hands-on coordination. The perfect finished product.


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